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 Tuesday 26 June
09:30 – 10:15 Welcome and Registration
10:15 – 11:30 Coaching observations
11:45 – 12:45 Keynote: Judy Murray
Supporting the next generation through coaching
12:45 – 13:45

13:45 – 14:00

Networking lunch

Moving to Workshops

14:00 – 15:00 Learning block 1
15:15 – 16:15 Learning block 2
16:30 – 17:15 Reflection session
19:30 Social event (Edinburgh West End)
Wednesday 27 June
09:00 – 09:15 Arrival
09:15 – 10:45 Learning block 3
11:15 – 12:45 Learning block 4
13:00 – 13:45 Keynote: Gori Yahaya
Digitising to reach the next generation
13:45 – 14:30 Networking lunch
14:30 – 15:30 Learning block 5
15:30 Departures

The full timetable with room allocations and floor plans to help you navigate the conference will be provided in your Conference Workbook but fhey can also be viewed via the links below.

Conference Timetables

Floor Plans

Workshop allocations will be detailed on the reverse of your event lanyard and descriptions of our exciting workshops can be found below.

Your Learning Options

For those coaching people in sport and physical activity:

Coach Observations

A number of coach observation sessions will be taking place to give all coaches and system builders the chance to engage in observing coaches across the coaching spectrum (from young leader to performance coach). You’ll have the opportunity to observe coach actions using reflective tools and think about how it will inform your coaching practice or approach to developing coaches.

Developing Participants in the Pre-Talent Pathway (4-12 years) - Ed Cope

The journey from recreation, through participation, to high-level performance can be unpredictable and difficult to navigate. This session will explore the pathway of potentially talented younger athletes as they (or at least some of them) progress in their chosen sport. The session will focus on two main questions:

How is talent effectively developed in sport?

How is it lost?

Recent and relevant research will be shared and it is hoped participants will bring their own ideas and experiences to share.

Developing Participants in the Talent Pathway (13+ years) - Ed Cope

How can we support, develop and manage young athletes once they have been identified as talented and brought into an academy or programme?

This session introduces research findings and practical examples from the study of expertise. Using evidence from a wide variety of fields, including sport, but also music, dance and other areas, you’ll explore ideas and insights into the realisation of developing talent in sport as young athletes move towards expertise.

Social Media: A Radical Gain – Mark Ritchie and Neasa Russell

This session will challenge conventional views of social media in sport by arguing it to be a radical gain to for athlete development, wellbeing and performance. Join us for a roundtable style discussion where you will discover practical examples of how the coaching workforce can support athletes through a marketing and social media strategy, and explore the key question of ‘would it…or could it work for you’? 

Emotional Intelligence: A Game Changer – Catherine Baker

What is it?
Why is it important?
How does it apply to my role as a deliverer/coach?
How can I can drive my development in this area?

Most of you will have heard of the term ‘emotional intelligence.’ Some of you will be aware that it is viewed as a key facet of good leadership, and also good coaching.  The issue usually comes with the ‘what’ and ‘how’.  This interactive session will enable you to go away with:

  • a much better understanding of what emotional intelligence is;
  • a simple framework to use; and
  • some practical tools and tips.

Building Successful Coaching Relationships in Sport – Dr Sophia Jowett

What are the functions of a coach-athlete relationship? Do you understand the critical ingredients for success? 

Research has shown that coaches and athletes who are close, committed and complementary in the ways they relate, interact and communicate are more likely to be happy, satisfied, successful, confident, competent and motivated than coaches and athletes who are not.

In this session you will get the opportunity to discover and share the tools to effectively reflect upon and monitor your own coaching relationships and create interpersonal environments that are positive, constructive and more likely to thrive. 

A Journey of Possibility: Exploring the Potential of Creative Thinking - Richard Cheetham MBE

Creativity can keep things fresh especially during a long season. There is satisfaction and enjoyment that comes with the excitement of seeing ideas come to fruition and gain confidence in becoming prepared to provide ‘colouring outside the lines’ sessions. This workshop aims to support those in coaching roles to help to understand the following key aspects of their work; 

  • Recognise and understand the concepts of creativity.
  • Discuss and develop ways a more creative and innovative approach to coaching can engage and influence participation in both the short and long-term.
  • Adopting a creative and innovative philosophy in coaching practice.

Identity and Personal Development in Professional Football - Chris McCready

Join Chris McCready in an exploration of the themes of identity and personal development in the context of professional football.

You will leave the session with an understanding of the key themes, the impact they have on young people and be provided with a range of practical ideas and activities to consider utilising in your future work with young people.

Insight to the Next Generation – Alex Stacey

Join Alex Stacey, Performance Pathway Education Lead from the English Institute of Sport Performance Pathway team as she provides an overview of the socio-cultural landscape our next generation athletes are growing up in and their emerging generational characteristics. 

Creating the ‘Right’ Environment - Justine Allen

In this interactive workshop, coaches and coach developers will explore the motivational climate they create.

By considering the nature of the psycho-social environment and individuals’ psychological needs we will examine ways to create an adaptive environment that fosters learning, development and performance. 

Developing Resilient Young People - Jess Callaghan

The workshop will outline the role of resilience in encouraging lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.

Delegates will benefit from insight into the theory of resilience and how coaches / session leaders can play a role in developing it within the young people they work with.

Physical Development: A Foundation for Progression - Katrina Gibbon

A hands on session where you will explore the fundamental principles of movement and consider as a coach how you can design and develop activities.

Katrina will share ideas and activities to develop and challenge your participants’ physical literacy and development through progressions and challenges.

Player Development: Challenging Traditional Thinking - Nick Cox

This workshop addresses some of the traditional concepts of player development that are widely accepted as ‘fact’ in the development of elite young footballers. Nick will provide an overview of some of the considerations he has made when designing development programmes across an 18 year involvement in academy football at Watford, Sheffield United and Manchester United.

Join Nick to gain an insight into long term player development and understand alternative approaches relating to talent identification, skill acquisition, physical development and pedagogy in youth football.

Screening your Athletes: Does it help Improve Performance and Reduce Injury Risk? – Robert McCunn & Michael Williams

Pre-season screening of athletes is common in most sports. Indeed, such practices may continue throughout the competitive season. The rationale varies; however, it is often done to identify individuals who may be at elevated risk of injury and to highlight areas of weakness. 

This session will explore the scientific evidence behind such practice and provide an insight into the practical challenges around designing and executing a pre-season screening battery. 

Using Youth Work Approaches to Improve your Coaching - Scottish Sports Futures

Join Scottish Sports Futures for a fun, practical session aimed at upskilling coaches on the benefits of a youth work approach to coaching and essential skill development. Co-delivered by Jacqueline Anderson, a young person who has been on her own journey of personal development through sport and now delivers bespoke Education Through CashBack courses to other young people.

For those involved in coaching systems and development:

Inclusive Coach Mentoring Programme - Scottish Disability Sport

In 2016, research identified that only 2% of the coaching workforce had a disability.  In response, Scottish Disability Sport, UK Coaching and sportscotland developed the Inclusive Coach Mentoring Programme.

The aim of the programme was to support emerging young coaches with a disability and assist them at a critical stage on their coaching journey.

Led by young people involved in the programme and their mentors, delegates will benefit from fascinating accounts of their journeys and the future direction of the programme. Mentors will also provide an open appraisal of their role and responsibilities for attendees to learn from their experiences.

Sirens For Success – Claire Brownie

Come and learn about creating an environment that instils resilience, self-belief and determination in young girls from Netball Scotland’s Sirens For Success programme.

Aimed at teenage girls in S1-S3, the programme is delivered by female athlete role models utilising sport as a platform to promote and inspire young people to lead safe, healthy and active lives. The programme aims to create change in young girls’ lives by empowering them through interactive and educational workshops that provide them with the information they require to make positive lifestyle choices, increase their physical activity levels and change their perceptions of physical activity.

Welfare and Wellbeing of Young Performance Athletes – David Turner and Anne Tiivas

What are the implications and opportunities for coaching following the Baroness Grey-Thompson Duty of Care Report?

This session will look across the range of key recommendations covered in the report, with a focus on Safeguarding Talented and Elite Children and Young people. Join David Turner of UK Coaching and Anne Tiivas of the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit and discover the work in this area to develop a set of UK Standards for safeguarding this vulnerable group.

Coach Core – Hazel Kyle

Glasgow Sport’s Coach Core is a ground-breaking employability and apprenticeship scheme that is creating careers for young people in the city and transforming sports coaching.

Targeting those who have ‘fallen through the cracks’ between formal education and employment, Coach Core delivers an inclusive and impactful programme of bespoke qualifications and mentoring that develops young people to coach a range of vital skills for sport, work and life.

Coach Core has allowed Glasgow Sport to create a diverse and innovative workforce that is contributing towards tackling the falling numbers of participation in sport.

Within this workshop, observe coaches in action and hear how they have benefitted from Coach Core.

Workforce Principles – UK Coaching Workforce Principles Project Team

Considering your workforce can be a challenge. With so much to consider it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Step in, UK Coaching….

Workforce Principles is a solution to help you take a step back from day-to-day delivery and develop strategic thinking.

We’ll explore the six principles and discover how they can help you reflect, prioritise and take action:

  1. Understanding customers
  2. Getting the right people
  3. Mobilising people
  4. Looking after people
  5. Developing people, and
  6. Using your learning

Join this session for a practical solution to ensure your workforce meets participant needs.

Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives – UK Coaching Learning Team

The way people access and absorb learning is constantly evolving – coaches now have more choice than ever before.

Join the Learning Team from UK Coaching as they introduce a model based on connectivity that shows how learning experiences can be tailored and explore how insight should be embedded to help shape and develop meaningful learner journeys.

You will also discover the role of technology in enhancing the learner experience as well as the power of a personalised approach and how social communities and networks can be used to harness lifelong learning and increase engagement.

Supporting the Progression of Female Athletics Coaches in Northern Ireland - Laura Kerr

This session will identify prominent challenges, barriers and perceptions affecting the career and coach development progression of female athletics coaches in Northern Ireland, as well as providing an outline of the positive steps taken by Athletics NI to address these.

Delegates will benefit from information on how Athletics NI has achieved a greater understanding of their coaching workforce, created personalised learning experiences, and provided bespoke support for coaches involved in development initiatives.

iCoachKids: FREE E-Learning for Youth Sport Coaches in the European Union - Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial

An introduction to the latest developments of this pan-European project which aims to provide training for youth sport coaches across the European Union. Delegates will hear about the European Coaching Children Curriculum developed by the iCoachKids working group and access a sneak preview of the first Massive Open Online Course for youth coaches to be released in September 2018. 

Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport; Opportunities and Barriers to Closing the Poverty-Related Attainment Gap – Suzanne Hargreaves

Improvement in health and wellbeing is not a quick fix; often it requires generational change.

Scottish education serves many children well, but the poverty-related attainment gap between pupils from the richest and poorest backgrounds is wider than in many similar countries. Like many European countries, there are a number of persistent challenges around obesity and mental health.

Education, through the Scottish Attainment Challenge, has a relentless focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap. However, this requires strong partnerships between the home, school and community to reduce inequity for children. This session will explore the opportunities and barriers to poverty-proof physical education, physical activity and sport.

Coaching the Person in Front of You - UK Coaching Participation Team

Do you want to develop coaches who can provide awe inspiring experiences to engage and retain people in coaching sessions? Take part in a practical session where you can experience how you can enable coaches to

  1. Identify the needs of people
  2. Engage with people to create positive and lasting connections
  3. Empower people to create an environment in which they can thrive

Reaching your Coaching Workforce using Digital Skills - Gori Yahaya

This interactive workshop is aimed at helping coaching system developers and policy makers to explore their current use of digital media and technology in supporting, developing and managing coaching communities. Using this as base, there will further consideration of the opportunities which may exist to offer these communities an even better experience.

A coach-centred approach to developing the next generation of coaches in Scotland - sportscotland

Following a review of sportscotland’s coach development offerings it was acknowledged that, whilst comprehensive, greater clarity is required around the offer, the benefits and accessibility for coaches. This could be achieved by a more streamlined offer that is coach-centred, driven by need in terms of content but also delivery mechanisms and locations to make it as accessible as possible.

sportscotland’s Coaching and Volunteering Team will explore the journey sportscotland has undergone to address and re position support around coach development. The session will look at the newly developed Effective Coaching Map and the collaborative approach adopted to maximise the impact across the coaching workforce in Scotland.

What Coaches can Learn from Youth Work Approaches - Scottish Sports Futures

Join Scottish Sports Futures for an insight into its accredited programme Education Through CashBack proven to support changing lives of young people when using sport as a tool. Co-delivered by Daryl Campbell, inspirational young person, tutor and coach, who has personally benefited and been influential in the development of the programme, this session will explore how the programme can support your coaches to develop quality approaches to engaging and retaining your sports participants with the LTAD pathway.

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